BUILD Shankill is a community-led partnership approach to addressing issues around vacant and derelict land in the Greater Shankill area of Belfast. 
The BUILD Shankill Working Group has identified 82 undeveloped, vacant or derelict sites within Greater Shankill that are either in public or private ownership.  The Working Group is committed to developing innovative and community-led approaches to addressing these as well as lobbying and campaigning for Government backed intervention to improve the local environment through an increase in public and private investment.
Participation in BUILD Shankill is open to local community and voluntary organisations, faith-based groups, local businesses, activists, political representatives, developers and residents.  The BUILD Shankill Working Group meets regularly and also provides a platform through which issues can be raised with government agencies, landowners and political representatives.
BUILD Shankill has been developed through the SAFE Shankill programme which is a partnership between Northern Ireland Alternatives, Greater Shankill Alternatives, Lower Shankill Community Association and Greater Shankill Community Council. SAFE Shankill is funded through the Executive Office's Communities in Transition project.